Student Powered Solutions

Nothing brings out kids’ creativity and critical thinking like taking on a real-world challenge. Even students who aren’t the most enthusiastic book learners shine when they’re offered a problem and given free rein to solve it. That’s why Student Powered Solutions is so effective. It facilitates  partnerships between schools and businesses to create authentic learning opportunities in classrooms, or due to COVID-19 this year, in virtual settings.

Students take on the role of business consultants, doing research, gathering data, engineering solutions and even designing, building and testing prototypes. In the classroom, students lead the learning. The teacher serves as a facilitator.

At the conclusion, the students make formal presentations to their corporate client, just like a real consulting team would.

These project-based learning experiences not only give kids a chance to apply their learning in subjects like science and math, even art, they also simulate the workplace environment and provide opportunities to practice the “soft skills” needed to be successful as part of a team. Participating companies benefit also. They get the fresh perspectives students can bring as well as a chance to help develop the region’s workforce of tomorrow.

Participating Districts and schools

Allegheny Valley School District

Baldwin Whitehall School District

Beaver Area School District

Blackhawk School District

Butler Area School District

Carlynton School District

City Charter High School (Pittsburgh Public Schools)

Cornell School District

Deer Lakes School District

Greensburg Salem School District

Imani Christian Academy

Laurel Highlands School District

Woodland Hills School District

Program Point of Contact

Aaron Altemus and Sarah Brooks