Future Ready Games

The Consortium has collaborated with Simcoach Games to produce video games to help students explore careers, discover their strengths and develop the soft, transferrable skills and dispositions that are critical to future success.

The first game in our series is WyldWood Stories: BB Speaks Up. The second is Booeys: A Journey Home. Both games are offered as free downloads from Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Geared toward students ages 10 to 15, BB Speaks Up helps players hone communication, interpersonal, and problem solving skills necessary to advocate for themselves and others.

Aligned with the National Teaching Standards for ELA Speaking and Listening (Comprehension and Collaboration & Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas), the game provides a foundation, that alongside other activities, can result in a positive learning experience.  

A popular tech blog ranked Booeys: A Journey Home as one of the Ten Coolest Apps for Teens in 2019. The game helps kids identify their aptitudes and connect them to possible career paths. Teachers looking for ways to help students discover their skills and explore careers might consider an the edutainment option.

Learn more about Simcoach Games by visiting their site or download the games at your favorite app store.