Skill Building Games

Wyldwood Games is a video game series that Simcoach Games is producing in collaboration with the Consortium to help students develop the soft, transferrable skills and dispositions that are critical to future success. Skills like collaboration and communications and dispositions like adaptability and perseverance  not only are important to succeeding academically while still in school, they help equip young people to navigate ever-changing job market.


The first game in the series is WyldWood Stories: BB Speaks Up. Geared toward students ages 10 to 15, the game helps players hone communication, interpersonal, and problem solving skills necessary to advocate for themselves and others.

Aligned with the National Teaching Standards for ELA Speaking and Listening (Comprehension and Collaboration & Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas), the game provides a foundation, that alongside other activities, can result in a positive learning experience.  


For teachers who’d like to use Wyldwood Stories: BB Speaks Up in their classrooms, the Consortium soon will release a downloadable PDF with resources for introducing the game, reflecting on the skills that go into advocacy and supporting students in deepening their learning. Watch for it here!