Future Ready Partnerships

Future Ready Partnerships is an initiative to encourage collaboration between businesses and schools. We foster school-business partnerships both through the Consortium’s own programming and by providing support for others working in concert to create career learning opportunities for youth in our region.

Due to COVID-19, we’ll be working with all of our partners to create virtual career learning opportunities during 2020-2021.

School-business partnerships result in a more vibrant regional economy, with better employment prospects for youth and greater sustainability for businesses.

To learn more:

  • Visit the School-Business Partnerships page in the Resources section of our website
  • Sign up for Spotlight, an electronic publication showcasing school-business partnerships and the strategies that make them work;
  • Join us at regional gatherings or for topical small group discussions;
  • Participate in programs such as Educator in the Workforce, Student Powered Solutions, and/or The Future is Mine, all of which bring educators and employers together;
  • Contact Executive Director Mary Kay Babyak mbabyak@tcfpe.org or Director of Organizational Advancement Jackie Foor jfoor@tcfpe.org at 412-678-9215 to find out other ways to participate and/or identify school or business partners.
  • Future Ready Partnerships encompass the Consortium’s work to strengthen school-business partnerships. Through this initiative, we act as a broker and convener of partnerships between educators, employers, and students throughout western Pennsylvania. When done well, these partnerships promote a vibrant economy with sustainable businesses and school alumni with family-sustaining careers.





Program Overview

Open to districts, schools and businesses in western Pennsylvania, our Future Ready Partnerships initiative offers educators and employers many opportunities to network and collaborate to create learning opportunities for students and a “future ready” workforce.

Program Contact:

Debbie Pixton