Future Ready Alliance


In a fast changing global economy, it takes more than academic skills to prepare kids for the future.  Jobs that are in demand today didn’t exist a few years ago and we can’t imagine the ones that will be in demand even a few years from now.  To be ready for the multiple career changes predicted for young people entering the workforce today, they need strong life and workplace skills in addition to academics.

To help our region’s youth succeed and ensure southwestern Pennsylvania employers can find the talent they’ll need, the Consortium has organized the Future Ready Alliance.  The Alliance brings educators together for collaboration and outside support. They work in teams to  strengthen school and district resources for helping their students explore post-secondary education and careers.

Stakeholders all are in agreement that some of the most important transferrable skills students need for success aren’t formally taught. They’re nonacademic abilities and dispositions like curiosity, imagination, adaptability and self-discipline and skills like collaboration, communication, problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork and networking.  Alliance members are working together to cultivate partnerships and networks to support skill development.

Power of Peers

Students in districts and schools participating in the Alliance are encouraged to become partners in its work and are eligible for seed funds to create career learning opportunities for their peers. Under our POP (Power of Peers) program, teams of students working with adult advisors can apply for mini-grants to undertake projects that help peers answer one of the three critical questions to planning their futures: Who am I? Who do I want to become? and How do I get there?

Program Overview

  • Program active since: 2015
  • 15 college and university partners
  • 17 trade union apprenticeship partners
  • Dozens of business partners
  • Serving 11 districts and one Career & Technology Center (CTC)

Participating School Districts

  • Albert Gallatin
  • Allegheny Valley
  • Blackhawk
  • Clairton
  • Greensburg Salem
  • Laurel Highlands
  • Laurel
  • Lawrence County Career and Technical Center
  • McKeesport Area
  • Montour
  • Mt. Pleasant Area
  • Pittsburgh Public Schools (Perry High School)
  • South Allegheny
  • South Park
  • Steel Valley
  • Woodland Hills
  • Yough

Program Contacts

Aaron Altemus and Sarah Brooks