McKeesport High School Alumni & Friends Association

McKeesport High School Alumni & Friends Association was among the Consortium’s earliest initiatives for connecting schools to their communities.

Founded in 1986, the organization helped bring pride and support to McKeesport Area School District at a time when steel mill shutdowns were devastating surrounding communities. Over the years, it inspired and gave organizational support to alumni associations in other high schools across the Mon Valley.

The Association honors our past — our high school days, the people who knew us when, the roar of Tiger crowds at football games, the classes where we struggled, or excelled, the special teacher who cared so much or the pride we felt on graduation day. But it’s also about the future, about doing something to encourage students in McKeesport Area High School today. It’s about sharing the pride all McKeesport graduates feel, so stay in touch with your alma mater and your graduating class. You can find out about class reunions here.

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Join the McKeesport Alumni & Friends Association

We invite you to join. Membership makes you part of a community, one where you can celebrate a legacy and contribute to a promise. The organization is open to all McKeesport graduates as well as friends committed to excellence in public education. Association members receive the “Share Our Pride” newsletter twice annually.

To honor McKeesport Area High School, we “give back” each year with a gift to which our alumni contribute. These gifts make an important statement to our students: that McKeesport Area High School is an alma mater worthy of respect.

Hall of Fame

Every year, we induct a select group of alumni into the McKeesport High School Hall of Fame, a gallery of high achievers that we established in 1987. Plaques honoring each year’s inductees are on permanent display at the high school.