McKeesport High School Hall of Fame

McKeesport High School Hall of Fame Honor Roll


Samuel R. LaRosa, deceased, Class of 1932, dedicated his life to the development of activities for youth in McKeesport

Dr. Yvonne Roebuck Weber, 1943, educator, author and lecturer

Praxiteles “Ted” Pandel, Class of 1952, concert pianist

Phyllis T. Garland, deceased, Class of 1953, journalist; professor at Columbia University

Merrit Malloy, Class of 1963, poet and screenwriter

Dr. Paul R. Bosanac, deceased, Class of 1963, Chief of Nephrology at Allentown Hospital & Sacred Heart Hospital Center

Linda Mulac Siminerio, Class of 1969, diabetes educator/researcher, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh


Richard J. Helmstadter, deceased, Class of 1923, partner in Helmstadter Brothers Department Store; civic leader

John J. Kovaly, Class of 1946, engineer; assistant to the PATRIOT Program, Raytheon Co. Missile Systems Division

Duane Michals, Class of 1949, world-renowned photographer

Dr. Joan Drye Stipetic, deceased, Class of 1953, Superintendent of Schools, Groton, Connecticut

Dr. Edgar H. Ulm, Class of 1960, biochemist with Merck, Sharp & Dohme Research

James Kane, Class of 1960, research chemist; co-founder of Diatec Polymers

Ruth McLean Cahn, Class of 1964, member of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra; college music educator


Vincent R. Scorsone, deceased, Class of 1953, Group Vice President, ALCOA Aerospace & Industrial Products

Jared Adams Lynch, Class of 1947, television newsman and writer

William H. Dougherty, Class of 1948, Executive VP and CFO of Key Corp. of Albany, NY, a bank holding company

General George D. Miller, Class of 1948, retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General

Grover Dale, Class of 1953, Broadway dancer, actor, director and choreographer

Dr. Maryann F. Fralic, Class of 1954, Senior VP, Nursing, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

Franklin J. Phillips, deceased, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, U.S. Army


John Hoerr, deceased, Class of 1948, senior writer at Business Week; author

Warren W. White, Class of 1949, Executive VP, Strawbridge & Clothier

William E. Stewart, deceased, Class of 1949, President of McKee Stewart Equipment Corp.

Van Dyke Parks, Class of 1960, composer-songwriter

The Hon. Cynthia Ackron Baldwin, Class of 1962, Judge, Court of Common Pleas, Allegheny County

Dr. Linda Seeger Croushore, Class of 1964, Executive Director, the Consortium for Public Education; Founder, McKeesport High School Alumni & Friends Association

Patricia Louise Gorecki Dysart, Class of 1965, one of the first 2 females to walk the entire Australian continent


Sophie Irene Loeb, deceased, Class of 1984, dedicated supporter of welfare legislation for the poor; author and activist

Dorothy Jean Pollock, Class of 1942, senior research scientist, polymer physicist in R&D, Atlantic Richfield Co.

Hartley C. King, Class of 1951, founder and head of Kings Family Restaurant chain

John L. Patterson, Class of 1952, political and civic leader in Allegheny County, Mayor of White Oak

Raymond A. Beirne, deceased, Class of 1953, senior executive with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Donna Rooke Gibbs, Class of 1954, lyric soprano and acclaimed performer

Marc Connelly, deceased, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright


Dr. Milton Mermelstein, deceased, Class of 1923, practiced family medicine for nearly 50 years in McKeesport

Dr. Sara Ellen Procious Malueg, Class of 1950, faculty member, administrator in a number of colleges & universities

Thomas F. Lugaric, Class of 1953, petroleum engineer; managing director, Hydrocarbon Energy, Inc., Hoboken, NJ

Gladys Clark-Johnson, Class of 1953, educator characterized by a strong advocacy for individuals with disabilities

Dr. David J. Tolner, Class of 1969, neurosurgeon in private practice in Glen Burnie, MD

Frank Anthony Ruta, Class of 1975, White House Chef


Colonel Mitchell Paige (ret.), deceased, Class of 1935, WWII Congressional Medal of Honor recipient; U.S. Marine Corps

Dr. Vera R. Wyche, deceased, Class of 1940, long and distinguished career in public education in Detroit, MI

Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Coy (ret.), deceased, Class of 1945, U.S. Air Force Major General

Zoran Popovich, Class of 1948, government service, Mayor of McKeesport, county and state judge

Dr. James F. Mellinger, Class of 1955, Chief of Pediatric Neurology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Hedda Bluestone Sharapan, Class of 1961, child development and children’s television specialist with Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

Dr. Frank Bondi, deceased, Class of 1929, Medical Director of McKeesport Hospital; physician and surgeon

Dr. Conney M. Kimbo, deceased, Class of 1951, longtime educator; active in civic/cultural affairs; promoter of Black American Art 


Marion Skezas, M.D., Class of 1944, first female graduate of McKeesport to become a surgeon

Allen J. Singleton, Class of 1950, educator, entrepreneur and president of Singleton’s Educational/Consulting Services of New York

The Hon. Bernard E. Revak, Class of 1952, Judge on the San Diego, CA, Superior Court

Vincent J. Chaverini, Class of 1954, Director of Operations, U.S. Department of State Rev.

Dr. Lacy Franklin Richardson, Class of 1955, dual careers in social work and the ministry

James Liedtke, M.D., Class of 1956, Chairman of Department of Cardiology, University of Wisconsin

Gary Lynn Thomas, Class of 1960, executive in the telecommunications and financial services industry


Edward W. Garbett, deceased, Class of 1932, longtime band and orchestra director at McKeesport High School

Joan Rotheram MacDonald, Class of 1948, public servant and dedicated volunteer

Sylvester Damianos, Class of 1951, award-winning architect

Annette Shample Karnash, Class of 1954, Director of Nursing, educator and consultant

Frank R. Bakos, deceased, Class of 1955, Vice President, Westinghouse Electric Corp.; President, Power Generation Business Unit

James R. Miller, Class of 1965, senior partner in the law firm of Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote, P.C.

Special Recognition: 1955 State Championship Basketball Team – In recognition of the 40th Anniversary of the McKeesport High School varsity basketball team’s first state championship to McKeesport since 1921. Team members were Dennis Kuremsky, James Falis, David Rankin, Gene Danko, George Krajack, Walter Gibbons, Stewart Heller, Tom Markovich, Ronald Protz, Bruce Keen, Argyle Robinson, Edward Ziobro, Robert Mintz, Ronald Ivkovich and Glenn Shample, Coach Cornelius P. “Neenie” Campbell.


Robert A. Bazylak, M.D., Class of 1964, owner-director of Lakeland Emergicenter in Meadville, PA

Stanley A. Mendoza, M.D., Class of 1957, professor; chair, Department of Pediatrics, University of California at San Diego

Ronald P. Sandmeyer, Class of 1948, chairman, president and CEO, Sandmeyer Steel Company, Philadelphia

William C. Schultz, deceased, Class of 1944, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Fender Musical Instruments Corp.

Clyde W. Waite, Class of 1962, partner in Steif, Waite, Gross, Sagoskin & Gilman of Newtown, PA

Richard M. Wardrop, Jr., Class of 1963, President and CEO of AK Steel Corp. in Middletown, OH

Helen Malseed, deceased, Class of 1926, outstanding McKeesport High School speech teacher; first female to serve on the National Council of the National Forensic League

Memorial Tribute: Ronald Yuhasz, deceased, Class of 1954, founding member and supporter of the MHS Alumni & Friends Association


Lt. Col. Donald C. Pipp, Class of 1971, U.S. Air Force career officer

Ann Louise Steele Buck, M.D., deceased, Class of 1948, founder/director of private practice of radiology; McKeesport Area medical community leader

Joseph J. Bendel, deceased, Class of 1949, Mayor of the City of McKeesport; longtime civic leader

Robert W. Meredith, Class of 1956, McKeesport High School campus principal; longtime educator

Leland Gantt, Class of 1973, performer on stage and in films and television

Dr. Edward B. Rotheram, deceased, Class of 1915, dentist and civic leader


George C. Sotereanos, DMD, Class of 1948, nationally known oral/maxillofacial surgeon; University of Pittsburgh faculty

William J. Cox, deceased, Class of 1922, Vice President of Cox’s Inc. department store; longtime civic leader

Bertha Mae Robinson Chaplin, Class of 1946, co-founder & director of McKeesport Pre-School for Exceptional Children

Donald Beattie, deceased, Class of 1944, manager, founder and owner of steel processing plants

Anne Sigmund Camic, deceased, Class of 1939, devoted to McKeesport and its business, educational, civic and cultural life

Major A. Mason III, Ph.D., Class of 1958, community organizer and activist, founded NOW Enterprises, Inc.

Major Valerie Lindahl Moore, Class of 1979, Chief, Defense Planning Systems, U.S. Army Command and General Staff Officer Course at Fort Leavenworth, KS


Jeanne Dix, Class of 1947, veteran educator, community leader and dedicated volunteer

Robert C. Buchanan, Class of 1944, transit system executive and consultant

Dr. William N. Pigozzi, deceased, Class of 1935, longtime McKeesport-area physician

Chris Casciato, Class of 1976, managing director, Goldman Sachs & Co., New York, NY

Bernard J. McGowan, deceased, Class of 1947, Judge, Court of Common Pleas, Allegheny County, PA


Dr. Edward F. Gliwa, deceased, Class of 1940, pioneering public health physician in Delaware

Jack Arnette Kirkland I, Class of 1950, veteran educator and consultant

Robert T. Messner, Class of 1956, attorney and longtime civic and business leader in the McKeesport community

Dr. William J. Dunlay, Jr., Class of 1961, Principal, Leigh Fisher Associates, San Mateo, Calif.; airfield/airspace planning expert

Dr. Thomas F. Patton, Class of 1966, President of St. Louis College of Pharmacy

Capt. Susan Lyn Barlow Fasano, Class of 1980, one of first 100 females in commercial carrier aviation; United Airlines Captain

Special Recognition (McKeesport Area School District)

Karen L. Donaldson, deceased, Class of 1965, music educator

Gerald Grayson, Class of 1967, teacher, basketball coach and former MHS football star

Charlene D. Green, Class of 1968, teacher and administrator

Barbara Babyak McCall, Class of 1964, learning support teacher

Benjamin B. Disegi, deceased, Class of 1930, teacher, coach and administrator

Richard J. Gergely, deceased, Class of 1958, teacher and coach; active in the McKeesport community

Gertrude M. Greenfield, deceased, Class of 1923, elementary teacher

William P. Isbir, deceased, Class of 1964), high school teacher, coach and supportive friend to students

Mark Reigard, deceased, Class of 1925, high school history and social studies teacher

Glenn “Dutch” Shample, deceased, Class of 1956, teacher and widely respected basketball official

Raymond Souders, deceased, Class of 1970, sports trainer and friend to young people

John M. Yarnovic, Class of 1949, high school English teacher and served in many capacities with PSEA


High School Rededication Ceremony


Helen Richey, deceased, Class of 1927, pioneer aviator who recorded many aviation “firsts” in her career

Arthur N. Rupe, Class of 1935, businessman and philanthropist

Milton W. Shlapak, Class of 1951, international businessman and developer

Ross Fichtner, Class of 1956, all-pro football player and NFL coach

Gerald L. Bryant, Class of 1965, educational consultant

Rev. Dr. Constance M. Baugh, Class of 1967, religious leader and advocate for social justice

Teresa Glenn Petrick, Class of 1976, hospital administrator in the UMPC Health System


Arnold (Wargo) Varga, deceased, Class of 1945, artist & illustrator

Dr. Robert A. Dannels, deceased, Class of 1946, nuclear physicist with Westinghouse Corp.

Lanny E. Van Eman, Class of 1957, outstanding high school and college athlete, coach and sports administrator

John R. Starmack, Ph.D., Class of 1960, educator and consultant in the public schools and CCAC

Judi Shermer Wolf, Class of 1961, educator and consultant focusing on technology in the classroom

Richard J. Matason, Class of 1964, Executive Director, Westmoreland County Department of Public Safety

Joan Such Lockhart, Class of 1969, nurse and nursing educator at Duquesne University


John “Dink” Ulm, deceased, Class of 1926, art director, The Daily News, McKeesport, PA

Herbert G. Breitinger, deceased, Class of 1938, longtime McKeesport businessman and civic leader

John D. Mench, deceased, Class of 1938, member, The Manhattan Project at Los Alamos, NM

Helen Rose Basch, deceased, Class of 1940, missionary nurse in India and Africa, educator

Darlene Scott Payne, deceased, Class of 1952, cable television pioneer and community volunteer

Rudy A. Antoncic, Jr., M.D., Class of 1961, McKeesport physician and community advocate

Christine Johnson Davis, Class of 1962, archaeologist and consultant

Lisa Feldman Brill, Class of 1964, community leader, dedicated volunteer and philanthropist

Joseph J. Hoffman, Class of 1965, law enforcement officer at the local, state and national levels


Robert C. “Bobby” Mulgado, Class of 1954, dedicated law enforcement officer; Standout football player

Dr. Eugene T. Danko, Class of 1955, respected radiologist; co-captain of the 1955 MHS state championship basketball team

Ina Jean Bell Marton, Class of 1961, Mayor of White Oak and founder of White Oak Animal Safe Haven

Dr. Joseph Jerome “Jerry” Zolten, Class of 1963, Associate Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences and American Studies at Penn State Altoona, and American “roots music” authority

James C. Epolito, Class of 1973, business executive; Michigan Economic Development Corp. Chief Executive

Dr. Carole L. Freund, Class of 1984, molecular biologist and human geneticist; college teacher


The Hon. Nicholas P. Papadakos, deceased, Class of 1942, retired Justice, State Supreme Court, Commonwealth of PA

Michael J. Kadar, deceased, Class of 1944, banking professional and dedicated civic servant and volunteer

Alvin L. Hillegass, Class of 1944, U.S. Steel Corp. executive and industrial entrepreneur

Corinne Meerhoff Barnes, deceased, Class of 1946, nursing educator; pioneer in revolutionizing hospital care for children

Paul V. Carlin, Class of 1963, attorney and bar association executive

The Right Rev. Keith Lynn Ackerman, Class of 1964, the Eighth Bishop of Quincy, Episcopal Church in the USA

William P. Leonard, Class of 1983, whose athletic and academic careers have been marked by excellence


William H. Bechtol, deceased, Class of 1940, transportation professional and dedicated community servant

Bette Dingeldein Ford, Class of 1945, her eclectic career has encompassed modeling, acting and bullfighting

Charles D. Mikell, M.P.H., Class of 1952, public health professional with a demonstrated concern for community and social issues

Gary J. Yazwa, Class of 1964, top executive with the Boys and Girls Clubs

Kathleen Rollason, Class of 1969, devoted her professional life to helping people with disabilities

David C. Neuschwander, M.D., Class of 1976, leading orthopedic surgeon


Edward “Eddie” Rack, deceased, Class of 1936, professional golfer and golf course developer

Russell L. Goetz, deceased, Class of 1948, veteran major league baseball umpire

Marilyn Taft Thomas, Class of 1960, accomplished pianist, composer and music educator

David G. Savage, Class of 1968, staff writer for the Los Angeles Times who covers the U.S. Supreme Court

Mary Jo Sharbaugh Cerepani, Class of 1977, a recognized expert in emergency nursing

U.S. Army Col. Craig L. Bollenberg, Sr., Class of 1978, Dean of the Joint and Combined Warfighting School (JCWS) in Norfolk, VA

Cara Grimm-McBride, Class of 1985, media consultant and Emmy Award-winning executive producer and TV news anchor


Robert Hofman, Ph.D., Class of 1955, biologist and researcher whose expertise helped shape international policy on marine living resources

Phyllis R. Gerber, Class of 1959, whose passion for the theater helped make learning come alive for students and children across the area

James P. Beirne, Class of 1964, successful homebuilder and star football player at the high school, college and pro levels

James R. Brewster, Class of 1966, longtime civil servant who is currently serving as Mayor of McKeesport

Win Lee MacKewiz, O.D., Class of 1976, survived a chaotic childhood to become a successful eye doctor

Lisa M. Burns, Ph.D., Class of 1989, accomplished academic and author whose focus on the media ranges from first ladies to sports

Karrie A. Kalich, Ph.D., Class of 1990, scholar, community leader and researcher with a special interest in childhood obesity


Urban Marcellus Garrett, Class of 1948, accomplished musician and dedicated teacher for 40+ years

Ellen Vasey Show, Class of 1955, health care professional, consultant and active community leader

Robert E. Nahory, Ph.D., Class of 1956, physicist who led research in the use of semiconductors and lasers

Allan G. Bluman, Ed.D., Class of 1960, veteran mathematics and statistics instructor and textbook author

The Rev. Earlene Coleman, Class of 1964, respected McKeesport pastor and community advocate

Cheryl McCall, deceased, Class of 1968, crusading journalist, Oscar-nominated producer, and lawyer

Margaret D. Larkins-Pettigrew, M.D., Class of 1972, clinical educator and practitioner at MacDonald Women’s Hospital in Cleveland


Donald I. Moritz, Class of 1945, lawyer and businessman who became President of Equitable Gas

Florence Bonczek Innes, Class of 1952, humanitarian who battled her own hearing loss and dedicated her life to helping others with similar impairments

Scott Harrison, M.D., Class of 1955, founder and CEO of CURE International, which provides orthopedic care to children in Africa

Robert P. Sedlock, Sr., Class of 1955, transportation expert who oversaw the installation of major transit systems throughout the U.S.

Richard A. Anderson, Class of 1964, president and CEO of St. Luke’s Hospital & Health Network in Bethlehem, PA

The Rev. Alonzo Burney, Sr., Esq., Class of 1965, lawyer and ordained minister; dedicated his life to justice and faith

James DeVincentis, Class of 1971, co-owner of Pryzborski Productions, Inc.


Capt. John D. Yamnicky, Sr., USN, deceased, Class of 1948, Navy pilot and military leader who perished in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the Pentagon

John F. Lundie, Jr., M.D., Class of 1959, surgeon, teacher, researcher and decorated combat veteran

Albin L. Vareha, Jr., Class of 1960, successful computer science engineer and software developer

Bruce Alan Sable, Class of 1964, engineer and environmental controls designer for the U.S. space program

Jesse L. Coleman, Class of 1970, veteran Federal Bureau of Investigation agent

Richard Riazzi, Class of 1970, President and Chief Executive Officer of Duquesne Light Company

Christopher A. Troianos, M.D., Class of 1977, cardiovascular anesthesiologist and innovative medical researcher


Jack Olender, Class of 1942, successful medical malpractice and personal injury lawyer

Michele P. Matuch, Class of 1969, longtime McKeesport Hospital representative and community volunteer

Albert A. Puskaric, Class of 1971, veteran educator and successful artist
Jeanne M. Erickson, Ph.D., RN, Class of 1975, educator, researcher & practitioner in oncology nursing

David Bruce Garlow, Class of 1982, CEO of Viega LLC, a global plumbing and heating firm

William Harbert, Class of 1994, South Carolina educator and “true advocate for children”


William B. Martin, Ed.D., deceased, Class of 1942, respected college professor and dedicated community volunteer

Roy F. Jenkins, Jr., Class of 1960, management executive and businessman in medical sales

Alice Warner Shumlas, Class of 1964, pursued dual careers in health care and the law to benefit patients

Dolan Evanovich, Class of 1976, college administrator and expert in Strategic Enrollment Planning

Jacob W. Skezas, M.D., Class of 1977, physician known for his diagnostic skills and compassionate bedside manner

Nicholas W. Skezas, M.D., Class of 1979, radiologist and hospital leader who finds time to mentor others


Ocie L. Paige, Class of 1957, dedicated advocate who has served his country, school district and community

Carra Ferguson O’Meara, Ph.D., Class of 1961, art history scholar, college professor and artist

Douglas L. Schmucker, Ph.D., Class of 1961, college professor and respected research scientist

Richard F. Antoncic, Class of 1964, the “King of Vinyl” who parlayed his love of music into a career

Thomas F. Carter, M.D., Class of 1975, physician specializing in orthopedics and sports medicine

Mark K. Eckels, Class of 1976, Vice President-Investment Officer with Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

Lauren R. Rodgers, M.D., Class of 1980, OB/GYN in private practice in Oxon Hill, MD

Keith Mularski, Class of 1988, FBI agent who specializes in cybercrime investigations

Special Recognition: Ginny Boutwell Dunsavage, Class of 1968, longtime administrative assistant for the MHS Alumni & Friends Association and office manager for the Consortium for Public Education


John E. McLaughlin, Class of 1960, Senior Fellow in the Merrill Center for Strategic Studies at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies of the Johns Hopkins University

John G. Bertoty, Class of 1963, co-founder, Blueroof Technologies

George E. Marcus, Ph.D., Class of 1964, Chancellor’s Professor and Chair, Department of Anthropology, School of Social Sciences at the University of California, Irvine

Ronald J. Kotun, Ph.D., Class of 1976, Senior Toxicologist with Tetra Tech, Inc.

Lee Alverson, Class of 1987, gifted stage performer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist known for his mastery of the piano

David R. Dunsavage, Jr., Class of 1995, Westinghouse Resident Site Manager, Pacific Gas & Electric’s Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

John D. Hoke, Pharm.D., Class of 1995, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Ambulatory Care at Sinai Hospital, Baltimore


Alan Patterson, deceased, Class of 1950, real estate broker, creator of Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

Dr. Raymond Tatalovich, Class of 1961, retired Professor of Political Science, Loyola University of Chicago

George Smith, Class of 1967, mentor, Pennsylvania Coaches Hall of Fame

Charles Glazer, Class of 1969, Corporate Public Relations and Communications

Father Jon Brzek, Class of 1973, Roman Catholic Priest, Retired U.S. Navy

Allan Wampler, Class of 1976, real estate developer, consultant and broker; Synergy Real Estate Corporation President

William J. Safos, Class of 1981, business consultant, Retired U.S. Air Force


Daniel Marusa, MHS Class of 1969, Retired Naval Commander, Executive Officer of the Naval Air Technical Training Center

Barbara Bechtol Cross, MHS Class of 1971, Retired Lieutenant Colonel, United States Marine Corps

David Thompson, MHS Class of 1978, Detective Bureau Commander, Malibu Lost Hills Station

David Spurgeon, MHS Class of 1989, Judge, Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas

Lauren Apter Bairnsfather, MHS Class of 1992, Executive Director, Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh

Swin Cash-Canal, MHS Class of 1998, Director of Franchise Development, New York Liberty, Sports Analyst, Retired WNBA Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, Philanthropist

Special Recognition:  “The McKeesport 23”: PFC Norman Wallace “Boots” Johnson; PFC Michael Joseph Nemchick; PFC Michael Dennis Pliska; PFC James Francis Brooks Jr.; SSGT Thomas John Winklevoss; PFC Tyrone Gregory Burse; PFC James Edward West; SSGT David Lloyd George Moser; LCPL Gregory Francis Popowitz; SP4 Curtis Taylor Gay; LCPL Thomas James “Jitters” Sweeney; PFC Louis Howard Huff II; MAJ Jack Claire Plumb; SP4 John Alan Germek Jr.; SP4 James Robert Long; PFC Tibor Sotak; PO2 Patrick Robert McNelis; GYST Raymond Gibel; 1LT Richard Michael Arnovitz; PFC Kenneth Gordon Kline; 1SGT Donald Robert Donaldson; CPT Terry Jack Martell; and  SP4 Vincent Edward Galka