MAPS (My Action Plan for Success)

To achieve success, kids need to learn more than just the three Rs. They need guided, intentional opportunities for self-discovery so they can grow socially and emotionally and nurture their dreams. Amid teaching and testing though, kids often don’t get enough support for developing their identities, seeing the relevance of classroom work or connecting the things that really enthuse them, like hobbies and sports, to possible career pathways. They also sometimes don’t get enough help envisioning how their futures might unfold depending on the choices they make.

The Consortium developed MAPS (My Action Plan for Success), a combination of curriculum and activities, to guide and support educators and other adult leaders as they work with kids.

MAPS materials are intended to provide adults with the tools and structure they need to lead kids through the process of self-exploration, reflection and planning for the future.

MAPS helps kids look at how they’re doing, not just academically, but in other important ways, like developing social skills. It helps them see connections between academic courses, outside activities and personal interests. Students set goals and develop plans for achieving them. At every milepost they’re encouraged to reflect on what they’re learning and what skills they’re building, both in and out of school.