Helping all kids grow and thrive from outstanding educations that take account of their individual interests, skills and needs always has been what motivates us. Throughout our history, the Consortium’s support for students and their schools has played an important role in our region’s economy as well.

Currently, our primary focus is working with schools to expand and enrich career preparation opportunities, beginning in kindergarten, so that all of their students graduate with viable plans for post-secondary education and careers. As we strive toward that goal together, we’re also bringing leadership opportunities to educators and students themselves.

We’re partnering with K-12 educators, business, higher education and the community to establish a shared understanding of what skills and knowledge are most critical to students in a fast-changing job market. And, along with them, we’re creating the kinds of opportunities kids need to not just imagine their post-secondary futures, but actually experience what college is like, what alternative paths apprenticeships offer and even how people collaborate to solve business problems in real work settings.


With workforce development a crucial concern, we’ve also have formed an Advisory Council of major regional employers and partnered with Allegheny Conference on Community Development to build awareness among educators about the extraordinary employment opportunities young people in our region can anticipate, as well as the expectations they’ll face.

Helping schools form stronger connections with their communities has been part of the Consortium’s work since our founding. More than 30 years ago, our organization was launched to bring added support to schools in Mon Valley communities decimated by industrial decline.

Then, as now, we worked with businesses and other community stakeholders to do so—bringing enrichment opportunities to students, providing professional development for educators and helping school districts build leadership capacity.

With encouragement and funding from The Heinz Endowments and the Allegheny Conference in our early years, the Consortium expanded into an intermediary and convener of stakeholders supporting public education throughout the region, particularly in underserved communities.

Now serving 50+ districts across western Pennsylvania, we remain committed to kids and public schools and we remain convinced that they’re the key to our region’s economic vitality.