SPS teams presented ideas for marketing Remake Learning Days

When Remake Learning Days kick off this year, you just might learn about them during a basketball game at your school.

Remake Learning Director Sunanna Chand asks questions about SPS projects

Marketing at sporting events was an idea that came out of a Student Powered Solutions project earlier this month when teams from McKeesport Area and Woodland Hills high schools gave presentations to Remake Learning Director Sunanna Chand.

Among other things, the students had been charged with generating ideas to attract more parents and adults to Remake Learning Days and identifying stories that might be used in a campaign to promote it. Remake Learning organizes and promotes the events, but they’re hosted by others around the region to showcase innovative learning experiences.

The idea of marketing during athletic events was one of several that caught Chand’s attention after the Woodland Hills team gave findings from a survey showing that sporting events are prime time for reaching parents. She also liked a tagline that the team developed—Remake Learning, the New Cool.

Woodland Hills focused on how Remake Learning could attract more adults, while McKeesport identified stories to tell about innovative learning experiences the kids involved in them..

“I liked doing the project because it brought us all together as a class,” said Jordan, a member of McKeesport’s team.

His classmate Tobias said the experience helped him “work better toward a due date for a big project.”

Overall, the Project-Based Learning experiences that SPS facilitates are intended to connect classrooms with companies or other community partners that can give them real-world opportunities to apply both academic and soft skills.