SPS teams make recommendations to Uniontown theater

Student teams from Albert Gallatin and Laurel Highlands high schools presented recommendations in late December to help bring more business to Uniontown’s State Theatre Center for the Arts.

As part of a Project-Based Learning (PBL) assignment with our Student Powered Solutions Program, the teams were charged with giving the theater’s management some ideas that would interest more young people in attending performances, or help reach them more successfully.

Among other things, Laurel Highlands team suggested that the theater reach out to youth through different advertising channels, including more social media, and special events around kids’ movies.

Taking aim at the same problem, students from Albert Gallatin High School made suggestions for greater engagement with youth, including working with juniors and seniors to create resume-building community service projects.

Kids learn a lot from team projects, including skills they likely didn’t think would be part of the work. Adaptability becomes important, as do communication and other soft skills that aren’t formally taught, but are a critical part of “career readiness.”

That wasn’t lost on the young man from Albert Gallatin featured in the video below. He said he thought that lessons learned from collaborating with classmates were among the most valuable take-aways from PBL.