Career Journeys Video Series

Career Journeys

It’s really difficult to imagine what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes. In essence, that’s what students are trying to do when they explore careers. Are they suited to the work? What’s a typical day on the job like? Are they good candidates for the necessary education or training?

To help young people begin answering those questions, the Consortium has launched Career Journeys. This video series is made up of informal conversations that we’re filming with people in a wide array of occupations spanning many industries. The conversations should give students at least a taste of what each career is like and help them know whether they’d like to learn more, perhaps through research, a job-shadow or some other work-based learning experience.

Check back often because we are building a library. Adults using these resources to help students explore careers may find it helpful to use the Career Journeys Supplemental Materials we’ve prepared for teachers and counselors.

A political career takes passion and plans

Marita Garrett was never drawn so much to politics as public service. But when she recognized that Wilkinsburg, the neighborhood where she settled, needed change-agents, she was off, and running for mayor.

Pursuing a passion for sustainability

Zaheen Hussein learned the importance of sustainability when he realized climate change contributed to a disastrous cyclone that he lived through in Bangladesh.

Educator loves having a positive impact on youth

Kristin Szewcyk wanted to work in a helping profession and achieved her goal combining speech pathology and education..

Health care is more than doctors and nurses

Malissa Seman is a Project Manager with Allegheny Health Network. Her unusual path to a position in the health sciences gives insight into careers behind the front lines.

Zookeepers do lots more than take care of animals

As a zookeeper with responsibility for the big cats at the Philadelphia Zoo, Kay Buffamonte has been captivated by lions since childhood. But she’s the first to tell you there’s more to the job than lions, tigers and pumas.

Apprentice programs offer one route to manufacturing careers

Neil Ashbaugh pursued both baseball and broadcasting before undertaking the apprenticeship that took him into manufacturing. Now, he helps others train for the field as President and Chief Executive Officer of New Century Careers,

Putting technical knowledge to work in sales

Derick Henderson shifted gears at Covestro six months ago, moving out of his job as an chemical lab technician and into a sales position where he works with customers for polymer coating materials

Health & Fitness professional shares career journey

Todd Hamer is  the General Manager of Union Fitness, a commercial gym on Pittsburgh’s North Side. From how he started in his field to what his work is like, he shares insights on careers in fitness and health sciences.

Machinists turn raw metal into precision parts 

Ralph Balash is a Machine Shop Training Group Leader for Aerotech, Inc., a  maker of motion controls. A skilled machinist, he graduated from a program at  New Century Careers. He discusses his trade and training for the field of manufacturing.

Bringing advocacy skills to higher education

Chaz Kellem is Director at PittServes, a unit of the University of Pittsburgh’s Student Affairs division. Begun with the Pittsburgh Pirates, his career has taken him through the corporate, nonprofit and higher education sectors.

Coaching a collegiate sport

As Head Coach of Duquesne University’s soccer team, Chase Brooks explains why coaches in collegiate sports are educators as much as they are trainers or athletes

Part II: Coaching a collegiate sport

A business degree has helped Chase Brooks with the managerial role and administrative duties that come with the role of Head Coach  within a university athletic program

Pursuing an academic career

Khirsten Scott, PhD is an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Pittsburgh with a specialty in Black rhetoric and public writing. Her position in higher education and training offers insights into life as a professor.

Helping people plan their travels

Amy Kent, CTA is a Travel Agent with Dream Come True Vacations. Her role in the hospitality and tourism career cluster is a unique one offering flexibility with a large dose of personal accountability.

Same skills, two different paths

A career plan to work in government has taken Jennifer Halaszynski from the public sector to private industry, as Manager of Regulatory & Government Affairs for Comcast.