Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning Resources 

Project-Based Learning (PBL) opens a wealth of opportunities to personalize instruction, increase student engagement and deepen learning. The following resources provide a framework and toolkit for implementing the key elements of PBL.  Particularly for beginners, it’s sometimes easier to start with a few elements and build up to full-blown projects. In fact, any one of these elements can be used on its own to increase engagement in regular classroom instruction.

To continue building your PBL practice, please follow our  PBL blog. For information about our periodic PBL training sessions or customized trainings offered on contract, please contact the Consortium’s Director of Organizational Advancement, Jackie Foor.

Learning Outcomes

Identifying the content or skills students should be able to demonstrate by the conclusion of a project is the first step in any PBL journey.

Driving Question

What is the big question (or set of smaller questions) students should focus on? This question will drive all the learning as students work through a project.


PBL gives students a chance to discover and apply research techniques ranging from surveys and experiments to web searches and library visits.

Feedback & Revision

Gathering input from others to develop and refine their ideas, products or solutions helps students build a disposition toward improvement, not just completion.

Real World Connection

Building projects around “real-world” problems or issues helps students see the relevance of their classroom learning.

Student Voice & Choice

Giving students a say in choosing a project or even shaping it in smaller ways creates a sense of ownership.


Reflection is a critical disposition that takes time and effort to develop. PBL offers a space for building in reflective practice.

Public Presentation

Presenting their project to an audience that’s invested in the outcome underscores both its relevance and the students’ sense of ownership.

Planning & Additional Resources

Check out these additional resources for planning and building a successful PBL project!