Professional Development

The Consortium offers a variety of professional development opportunities for educators. Our programs are designed to help participants increase their knowledge base and improve their leadership, teaching, and other skills needed to make meaningful improvements in their schools.

Most of the Consortium’s offerings can help educators fulfill their Act 48 requirements. Our professional development also can be customized to meet an individual district’s or school’s needs. Learn more below about our current professional development offerings and what educators are saying about them. Contact us for more information about customized training.

“The presenters for my workshop were both professional and enthusiastic. They had vast knowledge of the subject and were incredibly helpful.”

 10th Grade English Teacher

Project-Based Learning (PBL)

PBL offers a wealth of opportunities to personalize instruction, increase student engagement, and deepen student learning. Staff members providing this professional development were trained at PBL Works and LUMA Institute. Our training sessions combine essential elements of both PBL and Human-Centered Design to offer sessions that provide educators with accessible instructional tools, relatable resources, and tangible examples for project implementation.

Human-Centered Design (HCD)

HCD is an interactive, inclusive, and engaging approach to problem-solving that focuses on people above other factors, whether the challenge is making a better product or finding the best ways to make changes in schools. Our staff instructors, trained by LUMA Institute, combine their knowledge of both HCD and K-12 education to provide training that meets the unique needs of educators.

Mid-Atlantic Regional Educational Laboratory (REL)

The federally-funded REL offers all districts research and technical support and partners with the Consortium to help western Pennsylvania schools improve college and career readiness. During the 2019-2020 school year, we’ll be working with REL to offer workshops aimed at helping educators assess soft skills and aid students in developing robust post-secondary education and career plans.

What educators are saying about our professional development opportunities

“I walked away realizing that I need to up my game. Testing has made me complacent.”
 High School English Teacher

“I loved the resources shared and the flexibility and enthusiasm…”
 Elementary School Teacher

“I thought it was great and can’t wait to try some new ideas in my classroom.”
 High School Learning Support/Special Education Teacher


“The presenters were dynamic and engaging.”
 Elementary School Teacher

Program Overview

Open to districts, schools throughout western Pennsylvania, our professional development opportunities consistently win high praise from educators.

Our offerings continue to change as we strive to keep our programming responsive and relevant to needs in our region’s schools. Visit our website often for upcoming opportunities and always feel free to contact us about emerging professional development needs.

Program Contacts:

Project-Based Learning and Human-Centered Design

Aaron Altemus

Sarah Brooks

Workshops with Mid-Atlantic Regional Educational Laboratory 

Christy Kuehn