PBL Resources – Planning & Additional Resources

Resources for Getting Started

This slide deck has everything you need to get started

A quick primer on key concepts for PBL

This document gives an overview of the flow for planning a PBL project

Our PBL Rubric is designed to assess how well a project fulfilled the key objectives of the PBL process.

The U.N. SDGs can be used to connect projects to any of 17 different categories of real-world problems

This handout is designed to give students an overview of PBL

Brainstorming Strategies

The Lotus Blossom  structures a process for expanding on a central idea

The Morphological Chart is a visual tool for gathering and combining divergent ideas

Rip, Slap, Pass is a quick process for generating ideas

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Project-Based Learning Team

Aaron Altemus

Sarah Brooks

Christy Kuehn