Appalachia Partnership Initiative (API)

Through the Appalachia Partnership Initiative (API), Chevron is investing in STEM education and workforce development in 27 counties across Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia and eastern Ohio. The initiative is part of a long-term regional commitment to improve STEM education and further develop a highly skilled workforce for the energy and manufacturing sectors. API has sponsored 19 programs (both K-12 STEM education and workforce development) under 11 grantees in the 27 designated counties across the tri-state region. Some of these key programs include Project Lead the Way, The Fab Foundation, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, IU1, Catalyst Connection and ShaleNET. Major programming includes the following:

Project Lead the Way

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is a non-profit organization that provides K-12 STEM curricula to public, private and charter schools throughout the nation and offers the following programs of study: PLTW Launch for K-5 students; PLTW Gateway for middle school students; PLTW Engineering, PLTW Biomedical Science, and PLTW Computer Science for high school students. Nearly 200,000 students have had the opportunity to engage in PLTW’s transformative classroom experiences, and nearly 5,000 teachers have completed more than 123,000 hours of professional development.

Fab Labs

Chevron partnered with the Fab Foundation to create Fabrication Labs, or commonly known as “Fab Labs”. Each Fab Lab consists of a suite of digital fabrication and rapid prototyping machines including 3-D printers. Working in Fab Labs, students can develop the critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills needed to be future innovators. API has funded both a
stationary and mobile fab lab unit to provide students with access to tools and technology in order to educate, innovate and invent. Over 5,000 students participated in and almost 600 teachers were trained at Fab Lab programs throughout the region.

Museum Programming

Chevron in partnership with the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh support the Maker Movement. The programs expand opportunities for makers to imagine, design and to empower students and adults to create, innovate, tinker and make their ideas into reality. The partnership also supported programs such as the Student Energy Summit and the Grand Slam Science events, that hosted grade-wide assemblies to teach science concepts to children.

Chevron’s STEM Zone

The Chevron STEM Zone is an interactive mobile space for students, teachers, parents and the general public to learn how science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are connected to everyday life. In the spring of 2018, Chevron launched an experiential, hands-on learning exhibit along PNC Park's Riverwalk in Pittsburgh. From the aerodynamics of a pitch to the angle of a center fielder tracking down a ball or the engineering behind safer batting helmets, children can learn how the principles of STEM factor into every baseball play.

Catalyst Connection

Chevron partners with Catalyst Connection, a non-profit headquartered in
Pittsburgh that provides consulting and training services to small manufacturers in southwestern PA.

Together they host programs that introduce STEM and manufacturing to young people as part of workforce and career development initiatives.

Feedback on API

“Economic development begins with education and training. API’s commitment will continue to support the needs of industries and the future of the region.”

Best Practices

Comprehensive programming

Chevron’s approach to education is addressing the needs of multiple stakeholders – students, teachers, parents, schools, and community colleges – to reach a wide range of beneficiary groups and ensure a significant and generative impact.

Targeted programming for communities in need

Chevron-supported programs prioritize communities most in need. Of the wide range of students reached by Chevron’s K-12 STEM programs, 48% were low-income. Tracking participant data also helps ensure that the initiatives reach their intended beneficiaries.

Chevron Interns with the Mobile Fab Lab
ShaleNET Student Machining
Students working in a Fab Lab