Be a middle school mentor in the mon valley

There are more than a thousand kids in our region looking for mentors. Mentoring can change lives, so helping any one of them is a way you can make a difference!

Please consider volunteering as little as an hour of your time each week during the school year to help a middle school student in Clairton, McKeesport Area or Woodland Hills school district stay motivated about school, think about the future and find direction.  

We’re collaborating with United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania to extend the highly successful Be a Middle School Mentor program to these Mon Valley districts because it has proven so effective since its launch eight years ago in the Pittsburgh Public Schools.

All mentoring sessions take place at school. In Clairton, mentors meet with kids immediately after school on Mondays. In McKeesport Area, sessions are at lunch time on Tuesdays and, in Woodland Hills, mentors and students get together after school on Thursdays.

For more information, call Consortium Program Director Gina Barrett at 412-352-3635 or to volunteer, fill out this online application.

If you don’t live close enough to our Mon Valley districts, or simply can’t spare the time, please reach out to family and friends who might want the opportunity to help a youngster looking for support. Let them know that mentoring is one of the best possible ways to help kids be successful in school and long after.