Mid-Atlantic Regional Educational Laboratory at Mathematica Policy Research kicks off Career Readiness initiative

It’s always exciting to kick off a new school year, but even more so when you’re heading into it with a great new collaborator like the Mid-Atlantic Regional Educational Laboratory at Mathematica Policy Research.

Under a five-year federal contract, Mathematica Policy Research is operating the REL serving Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia. It’s one of 10 regional RELs nationwide, all part of the Institute of Education Sciences operated by the U.S. Department of Education.

To begin identifying specific topics where it can provide research and/or technical support, the Mid-Atlantic REL is forming working groups around seven important areas of focus for schools. Among them is a Career Readiness Alliance based in southwestern Pennsylvania. Other alliances are being formed around family engagement; personalized learning; school support and improvement; early education; educator training and support; and accountability. 

In July, a handful of representatives from southwestern Pennsylvania schools and the local business community met at the Consortium to begin brainstorming ideas for the Alliance’s work.

To learn more about the Career Readiness Alliance or any of the Mid-Atlantic REL’s six other areas of focus just visit the REL’s web page about its partnerships.