Learn how new model for career mentoring can help your school or business

The Consortium plans to offer separate half-hour training webinars for educators and employers interested in providing small group career mentoring for students in a virtual or hybrid environment.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education approved our model for small group mentoring as a substitute for the individual career mentoring qualified as an option for meeting state standards around work-based learning. We have since piloted it virtually in collaboration with BNY Mellon.

The upcoming webinars will describe elements of the model and discuss how to implement it. Additionally, participants will be able to connect with others interested in small group career mentoring.

Educators can register  online for our first session, which begins at noon on April 22. Employers can register for a session beginning at noon on May 6. For any questions, contact Gina Barrett or Debbie Pixton.

From the standpoint of schools, “The model enables more students to access career mentoring, among other advantages,” said Program Director Gina Barrett, who helped organize the pilot. “Schools can use it to help students learn about future careers, build professional relationships and meet the state’s work-based learning standards.”

At a recent meeting of our Future Ready Partnerships Advisory Council, BNY Mellon’s Amy Brake, Pittsburgh Events Coordinator, told fellow members that companies also benefit.

“We were really excited to take this on,” she said. “It gave us a unique opportunity to connect with young minds. We learned so much, from what careers the students are interested in, to how they learn best. It gave BNY Mellon an opportunity to showcase what we do and all the different careers that we have available as a company.”

Brake found that BNY Mellon employees tapped as mentors “were energized and eager to share their career experience.”

She said BNY Mellon looks forward to hosting another session in the fall.