Human-Centered Design training can help districts be more agile and responsive

At a time of unprecedented change, school systems need tools to ensure they’re agile and responsive. That’s why the Consortium will be offering customized Human-Centered Design (HCD) workshops to help districts and their educators address challenges while taking full stock of stakeholder needs.

Education is all about people—students, parents, teachers, community members—and HCD is an approach to problem-solving that puts people at the center of decisions. It provides methods to bring all viewpoints to bear on a problem, identify options to address it, and find ways to sort and prioritize strategies that can lead to a solution.

Our training introduces the principles of HCD and walks educators through its practices, including methods for building empathy, brainstorming, collaboration, and setting priorities.  Our trainers can also facilitate workshops tailored to help your team tackle specific topics or challenges.

Our past workshops have ranged from helping one district through a needs assessment to helping others focus on stakeholder engagement, customer service, and even a full-district redesign.

Talk with us about your current challenges and we’ll tailor an HCD workshop for you! For more information, contact Aaron Altemus at, Sarah Brooks at or Debbie Pixton at