Educator in the Workforce goes virtual, adds PBL option

As part of our Educator in the Workforce (EIW) programming this year, some districts will be incorporating training in Project-Based Learning (PBL). Others are welcome to apply.

In the past, EIW has created on-site immersion experiences with regional employers to help educators learn about careers in different industries and see how the subjects they teach are applied in real-world settings.

Site visits aren’t possible this year because of COVID-19. But employers and educators continue to express strong interest in connecting, so the Consortium is working with our business partners to reinvent these experiences virtually and offer several opportunities to explore in-demand occupations and pathways.

Amid the planning, “Some participants that had EIW grant funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Education have sought our help to build in PBL training so that their teachers can take the experience immediately back into the classroom,” said Jackie Foor, the Consortium’s Director of Organizational Advancement. “As part of the PBL training, we’ll try to help jumpstart projects between these educators and our employer partners.”

“By the time they’re finished, the teachers should be equipped with the tools, and possibly even with authentic problems, to begin PBL projects with their students.”

To inquire about EIW or PBL training and fees, contact Jackie Foor.