Paving the way to partner amid pandemic

The Consortium is rolling out a menu of virtual options this week for employers and post-secondary partners looking for ways to work with K-12 students and maintain visibility in public schools.

Businesses or academic institutions can certainly execute most, if not all of these ideas, on their own, but they also are welcome to contact the Consortium for school connections and support. To do so, either email Program Director Debbie Pixton or use our electronic form.

The options we’ve developed are aimed at supporting students in achieving state standards for career learning. For employers and post-secondary partners, they provide opportunities to showcase jobs and academic or training programs to young people who are gathering the information they need to make post-secondary choices.

The support we’re offering comes in response to feedback we received at a mid-summer meeting of businesses and post-secondary partners involved in our Future Ready Partnerships initiative. At the time, most schools had not yet determined whether they would offer classroom instruction, remote learning or operate on a hybrid model.

Because most schools are now offering hybrid programs, the virtual options we’ve developed can be made available both to students in classrooms and those working online.