Career Journeys in Marketing, Sales & Service

Marketing, Sales & Service

Marketing, Sales & Service is one of 16 broad industry clusters that the U.S. Department of Labor established to track employment trends. On the marketing and sales end, it can take in careers of people who communicate about a business or organization’s products or services or sell them to customers. In the area of service, someone might be assisting businesses or individuals with functions such as accounting, or repairing equipment. Learn more about the U.S. Department of Labor’s industry clusters and their economic outlook. Adults using these resources to help students explore careers may also find it helpful to use the Career Journeys Supplemental Materials we’ve prepared for teachers and counselors.

Putting technical knowledge to work in sales

Derick Henderson shifted gears at Covestro six months ago, moving out of his job as a chemical lab technician and into a sales position where he works with customers for polymer coating materials.

Self-motivation figures large in a marketing job

In Jordan Jasper’s job as Marketing Coordinator for PolyConcepts, Inc., there’s no set schedule. Everyday is different so one of the most important skills is being a self-starter.

Working at the intersection of art and science

As U.S. Business Director for ECI Media, Victoria Potter is trying to help her Stockholm-based parent company develop advertising clients in North America. More an ad auditor than an ad agency, her firm’s work is at the intersection of art and science.