Career Journeys in Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

Within Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources, you’ll find careers ranging from farming or food production, to land management, soil science, conservation and sustainability. This industry cluster is one of 16 that the U.S. Department of Labor tracks to monitor employment.  Like other clusters, it covers many careers and multiple industries and some may overlap other categories. Learn more about the U.S. Department of Labor’s industry clusters and their economic outlook. Adults using these resources to help students explore careers may also find it helpful to use the Career Journeys Supplemental Materials we’ve prepared for teachers and counselors.

Zookeepers do more than care for animals

As a zookeeper with responsibility for the big cats at the Philadelphia Zoo, Kay Buffamonte has been captivated by lions since childhood. But she’s the first to tell you there’s more to the job than lions, tigers and pumas.

Pursuing a passion for sustainability

Zaheen Hussain learned the importance of sustainability when he realized climate change contributed to a disastrous cyclone that he lived through in Bangladesh.

Finding a different path for working with animals

As Education Program Director for Allegheny Land Trust, Julie Travaglini wears many hats. One day, she might be indoors writing lesson plans or grants and the next, she’s in the field immersing groups of students in nature.

Farming can provide a sense of daily accomplishment

A part-time farmer, Lee Scott loves agriculture because it gives him a deep and abiding connection with the land and animals.