Alliance hosts SEL webinar with Christina Pate, PhD

Christina Pate, PhD

Our Future Ready Alliance is planning a second webinar on social and emotional learning (SEL), the latest featuring Christina Pate, PhD, Senior Research Associate at WestEd and Deputy Director of the U.S. Department of Education’s Center to Improve Social & Emotional Learning and School Safety.

Pate, whose expertise spans education, public health, wellness and social services, is expected to share evidence-based ideas for creating safe and supportive environments; fostering self-care and collective care; and promoting stakeholder communication, collaboration and co-design.

The webinar takes place at 1 pm, Wednesday, December 9. Although hosted by the Alliance, the webinar is open to all educators. Registration is available online.

The session with Pate follows an October webinar on social and emotional learning with Eva Allen, EdD., who developed an award-winning theory of “Cultural Care.”  A recording of Allen’s presentation is available online.