Career Journeys in Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security is one of 16 industry clusters that the U.S. Department of Labor defines and monitors to follow employment trends. Careers in this category range from those in the court system to others in police and fire departments, security companies, ambulance services and more. Learn more about the U.S. Department of Labor’s industry clusters and their economic outlook. Adults using these resources to help students explore careers may also find it helpful to use the Career Journeys Supplemental Materials we’ve prepared for teachers and counselors.

Taking the law to a different court

Kacie Farmer got her law degree only to learn she didn’t feel cut out for life in a law firm. The legal background still comes in handy, however, as she caters to legal clients for Thomson Reuters.

Chemistry training led to career in regulatory compliance

A chemistry background helped Greg Chambers solve a safety challenge for Oberg Industries and the solution helped pave the way for his career in regulatory compliance.

Always working to perfect a craft is key

Walter A. Bernard credits his early training as an athlete with giving him the discipline to make two major academic changes, go to law school and found his own law firm after an injury cut short his pro football career.